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April 2023 17


5:00 ET

Zoom Link: Here!

Join us to ask current medical students and graduated students who are not yet in medical school about the transition to medical school, the application process, and their life after MIT.

April 2023 15

Intercollegiate Mixer

5:00-8:00pm ET

Meet premeds not from MIT, Northeastern, and Wellesley at this virtual conference. RSVP here!

March 2023 01

Big Little Speed Dating

6:30-7:30pm ET

Stop by 5-217 to hang out and meet your bigs/littles! RSVP here!

April 2022 09

Get to know MIT MPS

4:00-5:00pm ET

CPW EVENT: Stop by 3-133 to meet MPS exec members and learn more about being premed at MIT!

April 2022 07

Get to know MIT MPS

8:00-9:00pm ET

CPW EVENT: Stop by 2-105 to meet MPS exec members and learn more about being premed at MIT!

March 2022 08

Boston Prehealth Student Mixer

6:00-8:00pm ET

Join fellow pre-health students across Boston for a night of informative panels tailored to your needs about preparing for the journey to medical school and socialize virtually with peers with similar interests!

February 2022 24

EMS + MPS Vitals Event

7:00pm ET

Join us in 5-134 to learn and practice taking vitals, as well as mingle with other premeds and EMS members!

January 2022 30

Medical Jeopardy Game Night

8:00pm-9:00pm ET

Zoom Link: here!

Join us at the link above on Friday for some fun medical-themed trivia! Learn some cool new facts, get to bond with your fellow pre-meds, and potentially be a part of the winning team of MPS Game Night!

April 2021 30

MPS Game Night

8:00pm-9:00pm ET

Zoom Link: here!

We will be playing games such as Skirbbl (with customized premed words), Codenames, Jackbox, and Drawphone! Join us on Zoom to connect with MIT's premed community and make new friends, or attend with your big/little!

April 2021 09

Journey to Medicine Panel

7:30 - 9:00PM EST

Zoom Link: TBD

More information here!

The Journey to Medicine Panel will feature MIT Alumni and other physicians. The panel will cover their motivations throughout their career, challenges that they have overcome, and rewarding experiences they've had.

April 2021 17

CP* Event

6-7:00PM EST

Zoom Link: TBD

To the Class of 2025 -- come meet MPS at virtual CP*! Find out who we are, what we do, and how to get involved! Come ask us questions about the ~pre-med~ life at MIT!

March 2021 12

MIT2Med Panel

6:30-8:00PM EST

Join us on zoom to learn more about being a premed at MIT and hear from our panelists about what life is like as a medical student. If you have questions you would like to ask our panelists, please fill them out here.

February 2021 20

Greater Boston Area Prehealth Mixer

5-8:00PM EST

More information here!

Join fellow pre-health students from MIT, Simmons University, Wellesley College, and Northeastern University for a night of informative panels about preparing for the journey to medical school and socialize virtually with pre-health peers!

January 2021 30

IAP Big/Little Zoomer

6-7:00PM EST

Come with your big/little for a chance to enter a $30 Amazon raffle and compete for worth $300 in prizes! Join us on Zoom to compete in a fun event, bond with your big/little, and get to know other big/littles at MIT​!

November 2020 11

Fall Admissions Panel

6PM-7:30PM EST

Zoom Link: Hop in!

Come learn about applying to medical school from admissions officers from Harvard, Tufts, Duke, and Mt. Sinai, as well as MIT Prehealth Advising's Aleshia Carlsen-Bryan!

November 2020 06

Spring Housing Mixers

5pm-6:00pm & 8pm-9:00pm EST

Meet us on Gather!

Come to one of our sessions to meet other premeds at MIT.
This can be a great opportunity to meet potential pod-mates for the Spring!

October 2020 16

Big/Little Speed Dating Event


> Come meet your potential big/littles!
> If you're interested, please fill out this form and join us on Friday through the zoom link!

October 2020 08

General Body Meeting


Zoom Link: Hop in!

Come learn more about us!

November 2019 19

Medical Schools Admissions Panel

6:30PM-8PM EDT
Room 4-270

> Meet admissions officers from medical schools in the Boston area
> Learn how to make your application more competitive
> Dinner will be catered from Cafe Luna

November 2019 04

Big-Little Speed Dating Social

7:30PM-8:30PM EDT
Room W20-201

> Meet the wider MIT premed community
> Talk to upperclassmen who may become your big!
> Pizza will be provided

September 2019 30

General Body Meeting

Room 4-270

> Learn about our organization
> Opportunity to interview for Vice Chair positions
> Thai food will be provided